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You Are Here > Right-Wing T-Shirts - The Right - Conservative Tees > Pro Gun Tees and Second Amendment Shirts

Support your right to keep and bear arms with our pro-gun t-shirts and second amentment tees. Perfect t-shirts to show your support if you carry for protection, hunt, collect, or shoot as a hobby.

Click on a design to see the wide range of products that it is available on and to get more information.

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Gun Control Experts,

Hot Pink AK47 T-Shirts

This design is just like our other AK47 design, but the AK is in HOT PINK. A unique item that is a great gift for a friend or yourself.

Buy a GUN,

Molon Labe Minuteman

This features a vintage looking Molon Labe which means "Come Take Them" with a Minuteman underneath. A great patriotic/pro-gun design.

Pro Life, Pro God, Pro Gun

2nd Amendment

4 Designs!

Gun Control

Spartan Shield w/ Lambda T-Shirts

This is a shield image with a Lambda. A Lambda was used as a shield pattern by the Spartan army; it stood for Lakedaimon, the name of the region.

When Seconds Count T-Shirts

This progun t-shirt design features the muzzle of a gun and the text "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away."

Snubby T-Shirt

This t-shirt design features a silhouette of a snubby style pistol. Perfect for shooting enthusiasts and gun lovers.

Peace Keeper

an important 2nd amendment benefit!

God Guns Glory

1911 T-Shirts

This t-shirt design features a silhouette of a 1911 style pistol. Perfect for shooting enthusiasts and gun lovers.

Evil Conservative Gun Control T shirts & Apparel

2A T-Shirts

This 2A design is a very simple t-shirt to show your support of the Second Amendment. Wear this and show that you are a supporter of our right to keep and bear arms.

got ammo?

This design is a parody of a famous ad campaign, but this design says "got ammo?"

Gun Make My Ass Look Fat

This funny pro-gun design is great for folks who conceal carry, police, or even for people who just shoot as a hobby. This item says "Does this gun make my ass look fat?"

Gun Ballot,


Funny Declaration of Independence T-Shirts

This parody t-shirt design shows the historical image of signing the Declaration of Independence and the text 'Dear King of England: In regards to high taxes and gun control; stick it up your ass.'

Scalia Rules T-Shirts

Justice Scalia wrote the majority opinion in the SCOTUS ruling on D.C. Vs. Heller. This ruling struck down the D.C. gun ban as unconstitutional and affirmed 2A as an individual right.

Peace Through Superior Firepower II

New version of our original design. Accept no subtitutes!

SCOTUS 6-26-08 Gun Rights T-Shirt

This design says 'SCOTUS 6-26-08' and includes a quote from the Supreme Court ruling that the Second Amendment is an individual right. A great pro-gun design.

Feinstein Wicked Witch

Picture of Diane Feinstein with caption "I'll get you my pretty, and your little black rifles too." If you live in California you may really appreciate this :)

AK-47 Silhouette

This is a simple t-shirt design featuring a silhouette of an AK-47 rifle.

AR Silhouette

This is a simple t-shirt design featuring a silhouette of an AR rifle.

Molon Labe ("Come take them")

Molon Labe (RED) - King Leonidas's response when asked to lay down arms. With Greek lettering and a nice rock texture!


Support your 2nd Amendment rights, and remember Spartan King Leonidas who refused to turn over his weapons to Persian King Xerxes at the Battle of Thermopylae.

Gun Girl

Lately more and more women have taken up shooting as a hobby. This design shows that it's not just for the guys, and that you are a Gun Girl.

Come and Take It (2)

Come and Take It (1)

America's Original Homeland Security

Great pro-gun item! Support the Second Amentment with this design - "The 2nd Amendment: America's Original Homeland Security"

Peace through superior firepower

This design features a peace sign with text wrapped around in the inside that says "Peace Through Superior Firepower". Excellent for showing your view on the Second Amendment!

Girls Like Guns Too

I just had to make a pro-gun design for the girls. This great Pro-Gun design says 'Girls Like Guns Too." with a few daffodils. Great to take to the range.

ATF Who's Bringing Chips?

Criminals Love Gun Free Zones

This is a great pro-gun design that says Gun Free Zones, Criminals Love 'Em!

2nd Second Amendment Security

Gun Free Zone - Psychos Still Armed

This pro-gun design says, Gun Free Zone (Please note: Scumbags, psychos and terrorists will still be armed.)

Legislation Registration Confiscation Revolution

Handguns are a girl's best friend

Carolyn McCarthy Quote

When asked recently what a barrel shroud was, anti-gunner Carolyn McCarthy gave this answer... "I actually don't know what a barrel shroud is. I believe it's a shoulder thing that goes up."

Guns don't, Clinics do

After many requests this is available on shirts. (Visit our line of Pro-Life bumper stickers)

Si vis pacem parabellum (latin)

"Si vis pacem parabellum" Translation: If you want peace, prepare for war

Give Piece a Chance II

The Ultimate in Feminine Protection

Great shirt for girls who love guns! "The ultimate in feminine protection - .22 for light days, .45 for heavy days"

An Armed Society

Gun Nut Shirt

GUN + (walnut) - "Gun Nut" design for gun enthusiasts. Hey, if they're going to call you a gun nut anyway, why not wear the shirt?

RKBA - Right to Keep & Bear Arms

No AWB T-Shirt

Speak out against any "Assault" Weapons Ban. This 'No AWB' design is perfect to show where you stand on this important second amendment issue.

ANTI Schumer & Feinstein

Great Anti Schumer & Feinstein design. This design is in simple black and white and states "Schumer & Feinstein: Ignorant enemies of law abiding gun owners."

Peace through Whoop-Ass

A realistic takeoff on the "footprint of the American chicken" a/k/a "peace symbol" that was inspired by some veteran friends.

Fire Good! Gun Control Bad!

Frankenstein's Monster has had a change of heart and has decided "Fire Good! Gun Control Bad!" - This one really cracks me up. :)

Patrick Henry Quote - Every Man Armed

Great Patrick Henry Quote

Philosophy of the Gun Grabbers

Quotes from Hitler and Mao Tse Tung are on this "Philosophy of the Gun Grabbers" design. This makes a pretty powerful political statement!

Guns don't, Abortion Clinics do

One of our most popular designs, now in different font and with more items.

Second Amendment Shirts

A design that simply states the Second Amendment. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Original Point & Click Device

The first point & click device Shirt

Great Second Amendment item featuring a gun with the text "The first point & click device", this is a funny play on words that is fun for a computer geek or a gun nut.

America's Original

1st without the 2nd

There wouldn't be a 1st Amendment without the 2nd Amendment

Schumer - You'll shoot your eye out

Chuck Schumer picture with the caption "You'll shoot your eye our kid." - Notorious anti-gun Senator, he thinks he needs to protect you from yourself.

Fio para bellator (latin)

"Fio para bellator" - latin for Be The Prepared Warrior

Gun Control

Luke 22:36 Shirts

A Roman gladius sword with "Luke 22:36" (sell your cloak and buy a sword)

Ted Kennedy's Car

Luke 22:36 Sell your cloak and buy a sword

Front & Back clothing... "Luke 22:36" on the back with the Bible verse on the front! On the products that do now allow front & back, we offer either design on the product.

Homeland Security

Will Hunt

Hey Liberal!

Romney - All Kinds of Varmints!

Republican Candidate for President Mitt Romney Design

YOU - Keep your hands....

Uncle Sam pointing gun at a gun grabber.

Gadsden Tread

Feminine Protection

The Great Equalizer - Firearms -

Rifle Flag

There wouldn't be a USA without Guns!


They can have my gun...

(FRONT):"They can have my gun..." (REVERSE, with Pistol): "...when they pry it from my cold dead hands" Classic gun-rights slogan is back!

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